19. CuSi4Zn9MnP-C / CuSi4Zn9MnP-B

CuSi4Zn9MnP-C / CuSi4Zn9MnP-B

Common name Material description
World specifications
Low lead alloy for drinking waterCuSi4Zn9MnP-C / CuSi4Zn9MnP-BCC246E / CB246E
(EN 1982)

Other name: GREEN ALLOYS, alloys without lead, alloys with very low lead content.
The equivalence between the standards is not absolute and some variations in composition can exist.

Chemical Composition in %, (EN 1982:2017, Castings)

Max-0.30.1011. - - - - -

Chemical Composition in %, (EN 1982:2017, Ingots)

Max-0.30.1011. - - - - -

Mechanical Properties (EN 1982:2017, Continuous castings)

RmTensile strength min.320 N/mm2
Rp0.2Proof Strength min.130 N/mm2
AElongation min.15 %
HBBrinell hardness min.85 HBW


Alloy for metallic materials used for products in contact with drinking water.


This material can be used for drinking water products