About us

About Foundry

Krāsaino Metālu Manufaktūra AS – KMM is a private Company, as continuous casting foundry launched in March, 2003. During whole period of work a flow of investments are constantly made into know-how technologies and equipment to increase products quality and efficiency of the foundry.

In 15 years KMM with innovated state-of-the-art continuous casting equipment has become one of five leading suppliers for worldwide known fittings, sanitary connection and bushings producers. Nowadays there are 10 vertical continuous casting lines.

KMM foundry has a casting capacity of up to 850/mt per month up to 7 500 t per year of wide range continuous casting copper alloys products yearly.

Krāsaino Metālu Manufaktūra AS uses casting method vertically downward continuous casting. This casting method differs from other casting methods and is notable by highly homogenous distribution of components in the alloy, provides stress-relieved structure and is insensitive to cracking while maintaining high tensile strength. Very reliable method of producing premium-quality metal semi-finished products in large series,  like:

  • bars,
  • tubes/hollows of any profile sections
  • octagonal, hexagonal rods,
  • outer ribbed profile,
  • inner polygon hollows, etc.

We cast tubes and bars of different outer forms and inner profiles in tin bronze, leaded bronze, red brasses, gunbronze, and other special copper tin alloys up to 132mm with optimal delivery length 3100–4200mm, shorter length also possible. Alteration in sizes and profiles, outer and inner diameters including desired tolerances also possible.