Quality control laboratory

The aim of the quality control laboratory of Krāsaino Metālu Manufaktūra AS is ensuring the quality control of products. The main task of the laboratory is to control the conformity of the basic quality parameters of the products with the defined technical requirements.

These requirements defined by the client refer to the chemical composition of the product’s material, mechanical properties, geometric sizes and form of articles and the quality of their surface. The requirements for the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the products comply with the effective European standards or the standards for the complete product of other countries.

The quality control laboratory is involved in all phases of the production – starting at the control of the incoming raw materials till the end control of the packed products at the warehouse of the complete product.

A very important function of the laboratory is the express-analysis and correction of the chemical composition of the hot metal in the melting furnaces during the casting process. The control methods for quality parameters are being continuously improved and appropriate technical documentation is being prepared by the laboratory.

Furthermore the laboratory controls the technical condition and the metrological parameters of the employed equipment and instruments.

In the laboratory work highly qualified specialists using modern equipment. For the control of the chemical composition of the hot metal in the melting furnaces there is optical spectrometer of emissions Spectromaxx being used. The physically-mechanical tests of the bronze alloys’ samples for tensile strength are being performed on the equipment Z100 (Zwick/Roell). There is also Brinell hardness being tested with a stationary hardness tester. The laboratory owns a wide range of metal processing and other equipment for preparing of test samples.

The geometrical sizes of the products during the manufacturing process are being controlled with a comfortable measuring instrument with an electronic visualisation of the measuring results.

Krāsaino Metālu Manufaktūra AS Quality control laboratory issues Test report type 2.2., according to EN 10204 also upon request of the Client, “Krāsaino Metālu Manufaktūra AS” can provide Inspection Certificate type 3.1, according to EN 10204.