18. CuZn21Si3P-C / CuZn21Si3P-B

CuZn21Si3P-C / CuZn21Si3P-B

Common name Material description
World specifications
Low lead alloy for drinking waterCuZn21Si3P-C / CuZn21Si3P-BCW724R, CC768S / CB768S
(EN 12164, EN 1982)
-C87850, C69300
(ASTM B 505 ASTM B 371)

Other name: ECOBrass, Cuphin, Ecocast, C6931, C6932, CAC804, GREEN ALLOYS, alloys without lead, alloys with very low lead content
The equivalence between the standards is not absolute and some variations in composition can exist.

Chemical Composition in %, (EN 1982:2017, Castings)

Max77.00.30.1- - - - - -

Chemical Composition in %, (EN 1982:2017, Ingots)

Max77.00.30.1- - - - - -

Mechanical Properties (EN 1982:2017, Continuous castings)

RmTensile strength min.420 N/mm2
Rp0.2Proof Strength min.140 N/mm2
AElongation min.20 %
HBBrinell hardness min.80 HBW


Alloy for metallic materials used for products in contact with drinking water

CuZn21Si3P is an alloy that is excellent in the lead strength, the machinability, and the corrosion resistance, while being lead-free.

Application: It has been widely used around the world, and there are many examples of applications in automotive parts, electric, fluid connectors, sensor bodies, thermostat parts, industrial, automatic screw machine parts, bolts, condenser tube plate, nuts, pneumatic fittings, pump parts, screw machine products, valve bodies for water, valve stems, propeller shafts, plumbing, faucet stems, faucets, plumbing fittiings, water meter cases.